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The technology behind the bluebox water purification unitsThe BlueBox water purification concept is based on the MMW Technology developed by MuchMoreWater.All BlueBoxes are installed with the MMW water technology developed by MuchMoreWater.

The equipment is manufactured from best-in-class quality components to obtain very compact, lightweight and mobile water cleaning systems. The standard units have been designed to comply with basic needs and typical client criteria, but specifications can be altered to accommodate local conditions.


Cleaning Processes

The BlueBox units are able to extract potable water of a quality exceeding WHO standards from virtually any contaminated water source (including brackish and saline water).

The BlueBox equipment uses ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis depending on the level of pollution and the type of contaminants in the water to be cleaned. All models can be adapted to local water conditions. The different steps of the cleaning process are as follows:


Pre-filtration  Large particles are removed when the water passes through a strainer (100 micron), and three filters (25 micron, 5 micron and activated carbon)


Ultra-filtration  UF is a mechanical separation process which removes microorganisms, particles and organic material from a water stream. Particles sizes are in the range of 0.1-0.01 micron.




Reverse Osmosis  RO is the only technology which can remove heavy metals such as lead, copper, barium, chrome, mercury, cadmium, flour, nitrates, selenium, arsenic, fluoride, pesticides etc. as well as E. coli bacteria and the Giardia and Cryptosporidium parasites. Particles sizes are in the range of 0.001-0.0001 micron.


UV-disinfection  Finally, exposure to UV light is used as an extra safeguard to destroy any remaining microorganisms.


Optimized Logistics

In order to limit footprint while ensuring ample output, the construction of the BlueBox equipment is modular: The large units have been built into sturdy boxes of standard dimensions to facilitate stacking and transport. The small units have been fitted into trolley suitcases weighing as little as 23 kg, allowing them to be hand-carried.


Cost-efficient Design

As a result of their low-tech design and robustness, the BlueBox units are very durable, even in harsh environments. In addition, they are easy to operate and require very little maintenance.


Power Sources

The BlueBox units are adaptable to most power sources: electricity grid, generators, solar power, fuel cells, and car batteries.


Military Applications

A range of models particularly suited for military camps and expeditions has been developed, featuring EMC protection, CBRN filtration, and CHL dosage pump.


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The technology behind the bluebox water purification units


Much More Water A/S   Staerkendevej 43, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark
phone 8020 8020  ·  Email


Much More Water A/S

Staerkendevej 43, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

phone 8020 8020